District Council Results are in

Results for the Chipping Bonhunt District Council Wards are:

Castle Lofts Ward:

Lewis Mason              Residents for You                   982      ELECTED

Rupert Bradshaw        Residents for You                945      ELECTED

John Davies                 Liberal Democrat                    825

Vincenza Wire            Liberal Democrat                    631

Stephen Hodgkiss       Conservative                           467

Thomas Dakin             Conservative                             203

Albert Peregrine          Labour                                        143

Lloyd Evans                UK Independence Party          26


Chipping Bonhunt Town Ward:

Paula Spike                    Residents for You                   819      ELECTED

Joanne Fairwood        Residents for You                  773      ELECTED

Matthew Gehry           Liberal Democrats                 521

Michael Hoyt             Liberal Democrats                    401

Therese June                Conservative                             374

James Davidson          Conservative                            298

Maxwell DeBois         Labour                                           248

Chipping Bonhunt has followed the same pattern across most of the District, with Residents achieving a very convincing victory